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Car Valuation

Turn your car into cash with H&T Pawnbrokers! Our experts are ready to offer you a free, no-obligation car valuation within just 24 hours — simply fill in the form on the left to get started.

You can sell your car for cash or use it as security against a pawn loan of up to £50,000. Either way, we guarantee to offer a great deal on classic cars, prestige cars, used cars, and many other types of vehicle.

If you have other valuables that you’d like to get assessed or sell, we also buy gold, silver, and platinum, as well as jewellery, antiques, watches, and more, so be sure to check out our other services.

Your fair and accurate car valuation is just a few clicks away. Apply online now to find out how much your motor is worth, or contact us for more information. Don't forget that you can also speak to a staff member in-store