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11th January: Beat Blue Monday 2018: 3 Ways to Crush Your Christmas Debt Problem

The third Monday of January has come to be known as Blue Monday – a day deemed to be the most depressing of the year. In 2018, it falls on 15th January. Read More

4th January: How Did the Christmas Period affect the UK Economy

You may have noticed that the UK economy is going through some turbulent times recently. The Brexit vote continues to affect the value of the pound and the cost of living in general, and many are feeling the squeeze as prices rise. Read More

20th December: 5 Smart Personal Finance Resolutions to Set in 2018

As we reach the end of 2017, it’s time to start thinking about our hopes for the year ahead. Making New Year’s resolutions is something many of us do, but few of us stick to. Read More

15th December: UK Inflation Hits Six Year High; 4 Ways You Can Beat the Rising Cost of Living

It has been revealed this week that UK inflation has hit a six year high, and now sits at 3.1%. High inflation can be a problem, and can cause life to get more expensive for everyone. Read More

8th December: 9 Simple Ways to Reduce Christmas Costs

A new poll has revealed that 1 in 7 of us worry about money every single day in the run up to Christmas. Read More

29th November: 5 Small Print Changes from the Autumn Budget 2017

The Budget in its entirety covers many aspects of public spending, and we’ve broken down some of the lesser known points from the most recent Budget. Read More

22nd November: Budget 2017 - What Will You Mean For You?

On Wednesday 22nd November 2017, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond presented his second Budget to the nation. Read More

16th November: Buying vs. Renting in 2018

It’s safe to say that the housing market has been through some heavy changes in the past 20 years. Read More

9th November: Black Friday 2017: Everything You Need to Know

The retail sale event of the year used to be the New Year sales in January, but now the popular US tradition of Black Friday seems to have taken the crown. Read More

2nd November: 5 Top Tips for Early Christmas Shoppers

Now that Halloween is over, the UK has already begun gearing up for Christmas with many shops already stocking festive items. Read More 

26th October: 5 Cheap Winter Holiday Destinations 2017

The cost of a family holiday to many European destinations has risen sharply in the past year or so, thanks to the weakening value of the pound against the euro. Read More

19th October: 5 Tips to Keep Your Energy Bills Down This Winter

There are many reasons to look forward to the winter months in the UK, with celebrations and events surrounding Halloween, bonfire night, Diwali, Christmas and New Year. Read More

17th October: Chief Executive of H&T Group Wins Prestigious Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Pawnbroking Industry

John G Nichols, the Chief Executive of H&T Group, has received the National Pawnbrokers Association Fellowship Award for his services to the industry. Read More

12th October: Are Brits Obsessed with Buying New Cars?

You may have noticed a big change on the roads in the last 10 years. New cars are being registered on UK roads at a surprising rate. Read More

5th October: GBP vs. Euro: How the pound has reacted to the events of the last 12 months

If you enjoy visiting parts of Europe on holidays or for business, then it’s likely you have noticed getting fewer Euros for your British Pound. Read More

28th September: European Holiday Prices Set to Rise – 8 Ways to Keep Costs Low

Tour operator Thomas Cook has recently announced that holidays to parts of the EU are likely to rise in cost by around 10% due to the weakening pound. Read More

 20th September: 5 Easy Ways to Help Avoid Missing Payments

 When you take out any kind of credit – such as a personal loan or credit card – the lender must be happy that you’re able to manage the agreed repayment schedule. Read More

13th September: The BRAND NEW Apple iPhone & Watch Releases – A Quick Guide

Apple have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and are now arguably the most popular gadget giant on the planet. Read More

7th September: Exchange Rates - Getting the most for your money

While the school summer holidays have only just ended, many families are already considering booking a winter sun holiday now that temperatures have started to drop. Read More

30th August: 5 Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Jewellery

Buying pre-owned jewellery is something that many of us are happy to do, whereas others prefer their jewellery to be brand new. Read More

23rd August: The Top Trending Items to Sell in 2017

How can you get the best price when selling your old or unwanted items? Many will agree that one of the most important aspects of selling is to wait until demand is high. Read More

17th August: What are Pawn Loans and How Do They Work?

 Pawn loans are just one of the many financial services that we offer and they continue to be popular with both new and returning customers to H&T. Read More

10th August: The Complete Guide to H&T's Cheque Cashing Service

In this guide, we cover our cheque cashing service. You’ll learn how cheque cashing works, why it may be of benefit to you either now or in the future, and we’ll clear up some common misconceptions too. Read More

4th August: What Happens In-store When I Apply for a Loan? 

Many of our personal loan customers choose to apply in their local store, rather than online. When it comes to money matters we understand the need to speak to a real person face-to-face. Read More

27th July: What is BuyBack and How Does It Work? 

BuyBack is a service which is open to every UK resident over 18 years old who owns electronic items. There are many reasons why people choose to use BuyBack. Read More

19th July: More Than Just Pawnbroking - H&T's Other Services

H&T Pawnbrokers was established 120 years ago in London, and has since expanded to provide most of the UK with a range of money services. Read More

13th July: Top 5 Ways to Fund your 2017 Festival

Across the country, hundreds of music festivals are put on every year which cover a vast range of music and entertainment genres - and 2017 is certainly no exception. Read More

3rd July 2017: Cash Loans vs. Credit Cards

When the amount of money you require is relatively small – say between £50 - £1,000 – you’re likely to be looking at using either a cash loan or a credit card to cover your purchase. But which method is best? Read More

30th May 2017: Small Cash Loans: Who Are They For?

When looking to borrow some money, many can be overwhelmed by the choice available. Read More

17th May 2017: Cash Loans: What Not To Do

When applying for a loan, many people make mistakes which could hinder or even stop them from borrowing the money they need. Read More

09 May 2017: Spending Your Loan: How To Get The Most For Your Money

There are many articles out there which focus on loans and what to do before you apply. What many of these articles don’t cover, however, is how best to spend the cash once the loan has been approved and paid out. Read More

26 Apr 2017: 7 Top Money Management Tips from Experts Around The World

Money is a huge part of practically everything we do, yet managing money is rarely taught in schools and knowledge is gained from those around us.  Read More

30 Mar 2017: Online Loans vs Instore Loans - What's The Difference

If you’re looking for a short-term loan to cover a small shortfall or financial emergency, then you may have realised by now that there are a lot of options to choose from Read More

23 Feb 2017: Online Loans: The Benefits of Applying for Loans Online

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet and all of its many conveniences. The ability to apply for loans online is one of these conveniences Read More

09 Feb 2017: H&T's Valentines Gift Guide

Valentine’s day is nearly upon us, and if you have someone special in your life then you’re probably thinking about buying them a card and a token of your appreciation Read More

13 Jan 2017: The History of Gold

Gold has been part of almost all cultures across the planet for a very long time and nowadays is used for a number of applications Read More

15 Dec 2016: A Guide to Gold Types and the Valuation Process

If you’re looking to buy or sell gold, you may have come to realise that different gold items can be worth very different amounts Read More

12 Dec 2016: H&T's Christmas Gift Guide: How to Find The Best Christmas Gifts

Lost for Christmas gift ideas? Look no further than this! Read More

23 Nov 2016: H&T's guide to finding the best deals on Black Friday

All you need to know about finding the best deals on Black Friday! Read More

22 Nov 2016: Welcome to our new H&T blog!

A massive welcome to our new blog, please make yourself at home! Read more


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